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From time  to time, you may feel that you need some support from an independent outside source.

Someone that you can trust and rely on, to be a sounding board for some of the ideas you would like to try, someone who can develop your skills and expertise in a way and at a pace that suits you and your staff.

Are you concerned at the tension within your workforce at the moment  and how it is affecting the service that you provide.  You wonder what the best way to resolve issues would be and how you can get help?

Do you have recruitment, selection and retention problems, which you feel could be resolved with appropriate support?

You may feel that you would like to network more, to find out how , when and where others are providing a similar service to yourself.

You may like to arrange some further development for yourself or your staff, in house or externally and are confused at the range of courses on offer and how they may benefit you.

Sue and her associates are able to provide a low cost bespoke service to meet the needs of managers and staff across a wide range of services. Although Sue's original background is in care, her expertise within management in both the public, private and voluntary sector generally, along with the skills of her colleagues means that we are able to provide a range of support to hopefully meet your needs.

We would be delighted to discuss your problems and if you feel we can help, provide a consultancy service that meets your needs. There are no minimum contracts and the service can be as flexible as can be mutually arranged - even outside business hours.

Contact Sue on 01724 784148 or mobile 07951 075939


If situations in your life are causing such stress that it is affecting the quality of your life, as well as considering mediation, you may benefit from contacting Jo at 'Time Out' - low cost counselling, to find out more visit

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