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Sue Bayram is an experienced Expert Witness and Advisor fully trained and able to provide reports compliant to CPR requirements. A collating service is also available.

With a background of working in both the NHS and the private sector, and now working as an Independent Nurse Consultant, Sue has extensive experience in general and continuing care nursing, including residential and community care and provides reports for both claimant and defence for clinical negligence and personal injury claims.

A member of The Academy of Experts , Sue sits on the Disciplinary Committee of The Academy. The Academy provides training and support for experts worldwide, and also advises government bodies, the judiciary and allied organisations on procedures and protocols relating to expert witness issues.

As an Independent Nurse Consultant, Sue undertakes ongoing professional development for herself, and also provides a consultancy and training service to those working in healthcare in a variety of settings. Undertaking this work ensures that she keeps up to date with current practice and is regularly involved with day to day practice issues.

For information regarding fees and a full CV, or any other information please contact Sue direct.

As an experienced commercial mediator, Sue also mediates on clinical negligence and personal injury claims.

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