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Family mediation
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When it is not possible to resolve issues during, towards the end or following a relationship, many couples find mediation an excellent way forward.

A mediator as an indepedent third party can often help move things on to the benefit of all concerned. Control remains with the parties and only they make the decisions. The mediator does not give advice or guidance, but will be able to inform both parties of information that may be beneficial and where they can access further help and information that may be helpful. They may also introduce some suggestions for consideration that you as a couple have not been able to identify.

Costs are kept lower as legal costs are kept to a minimum, however both parties are encouraged to take legal and financial advice before taking any final decisions. Mediaton is now strongly recommended by the legal system as an effective way forward instead of or before resorting to court.

Should you decide to consider mediation, the process is very flexible, at a pace, venue and time to suit the parties concerned.

Arrangements can be made for evenings and weekends if making appointments during working time is difficult.

Issues concerning where to live, finances and contact with children are the usual areas that people find difficult to discuss, however, it  may be that you have other things that are worrying you and working through them with an indendent third party may help you both to find some solutions that you both can live with.

Fees start at £160 per hour, the average length of a session is 1 - 1 1/2 hours. How many sessions you may need depends on each individual couple, however 3 - 5 is the average for most couples, and it always your choice to decide if you wish to continue in terms of number of sessions. It may be possible to access funding via the Legal Services Commision. You will need to have low levels of income and/or be on certain benefits to be able to access this funding. At the moment we are not able to provide mediation under this scheme, however we would be very pleased to give you advice as to how you may find out if you are eligible and where you may be able to access a service that is able to access funding on your behalf.

If you feel that we could help, please do not hesitate to contact Sue Bayram on 01724 784148 mobile 07951 075939 or email

If the dispute in your life is causing such stress that it is affecting the quality of your life, as well as considering mediation, you may benefit from contacting Jo at 'Time Out' - low cost counselling, to find out more visit  

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