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Mediation has been around for many years as one of the many forms of alternative dispute resolution available.

It is suitable for almost all types of dispute, and since the Civil Procedure Rules  relating to the court/legal procedures in the UK were reformed in 1998/9, it has been recommended very strongly as the first consideration in the event of a dispute, before if possible, legal action is taken.

The process of mediation is very quick, efficient and low cost compared with taking legal action. You can consider mediation at any stage in your dispute, before or during legal action.

Typical disputes that come to mediation range from neighbour/boundary disputes, private or business contractual issues e.g. building work, supply of goods and services, personal injury, employment issues and clinical negligence.

Even if you have started legal action, you can consider mediation at any time. There have been some very interesting outcomes where the winning party has refused to consider  or has delayed the mediation process and the Judge has not awarded the expected costs to the 'winners'.

For those who simply want to use the process of mediation to improve some aspect of their personal or professional life, we would be pleased to provide details of how we could help.

Since the Gibbon's review regarding employment legislation, employers are required to demonstrate that they have included the principles of negotiation and mediation in their grievance and disciplinary procedures. This does not mean that you must carry out a full mediation process, and we would be pleased to advise how using the principles of mediation and negotiation can improve working relationships within your organisation.

It may be that you want to improve the team working in your organisation, or introduce change. Either way, mediation is an excellent way forward, involving those that really matter, and giving them a real choice in becoming involved in a proactive way.

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If the dispute in your life is causing such stress that it is affecting the quality of your life, as well as considering mediation, you may benefit from contacting Jo at 'Time Out' - low cost counselling, to find out more visit  

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